Aquarium fish tanks are found all over the world to view and are for aquatic plants and animals. Usually small fish tanks are used in families. History of Aquarium fish tanks goes back when Romans during the 1st century used small marble tanks to keep sea barbell. Eventually glass panes were used for the walls so help in to study fishes. In the 14th century China, it was quiet common among wealthy Chinese families to keep a porcelain tub with goldfish. London zoo in 1853 introduced the world’s first public aquarium. After this Aquarium fish tanks became quite popular among people around the world.

Aquarium fish tanks comprises of a tank, filtration system and lighting. The glass panes are made up of silicon and plastic. Some of the panes are made of concrete and laminated glass. Aquarium fish tank filtration system is quite important as it converts the ammonia in the water into nitrate. Also phosphate and excess nitrogen contents get removed. In Aquarium fish tanks lighting systems help to keep the fishes and water plants healthy. As different fishes have different needs, the requirements for Aquarium fish tanks are kept thinking of these needs in mind.

Aquarium fish tanks are used by peoples for live decoration materials in home. Even designers instead of paint colors on the wall prefer people to keep Aquarium fish tanks which would add beauty more prominently. Studies and surveys have shown that Aquarium fish tanks have healing affects for their owners and in the comparison with cats and dogs, Aquarium fish tanks are easier to take care of because of the limited space it takes.

Many different type of Aquarium fish tanks exist ranging from very small size to larger ones. Aquarium fish tanks are built for different water levels according to salinity like there are freshwater fish tanks, saltwater fish tanks, cold water fish tanks and tropical fish tanks. It is estimated that there are about 60 million people around the world who are fish lovers. While stamp and coin collecting still remain the leading hobbies among the people, owning and maintaining a betta fish tank is the third leading hobby in the whole world and mostly people prefer pets in their Aquarium fish tanks.

Aquarium fish tanks are something which is quite important as to know the nature from near. Some people prefer bowls but for those who like large Aquarium fish tanks then remember that the set up you choose will depend on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. As the larger Aquarium fish tank you take the more expensive would be its cost to maintain. So first of all, know and calculate out the conditions before you make a decision.

Try and keep time of the day when you got to clean your Aquarium fish tank and before doing it get all the necessary things. Take care of your fish tank and do not neglect its cleanliness, it’s for the sake of your fishes.