It is much easier to recognize the signs of a drug and/or alcohol addiction in others, but it is much more challenging to recognize when you yourself may have a drug or alcohol problem. Denial may play a role in your inability to fully recognize if you need addiction help Malibu, or perhaps the haze of drugs or alcohol is limiting your ability to face reality. It is never too late to seek addiction help, but it is important that you recognize that you do have a serious problem with drugs and alcohol. The following are a few signs that you may need to seek addiction help Malibu.

Increased tolerance — Building a tolerance to drugs and alcohol means that you need more and more of the substance to get the same feeling you used to get from it. This is also known as “chasing the dragon.” An increased tolerance is a major sign that you may need Malibu rehab center. Finding that your usual dose is not working for you anymore can lead to reckless and potentially fatal behavior.

Loss of control — As soon as you start to feel as though you have lost control over how much you use, it is time to seek help. Trying to limit or stop your use and being unable to do so means that you are struggling with a drug and/or alcohol addiction. Perhaps you recognize the consequences of your use and make a conscious decision to stop, but are unable to put down the drink or drug. This loss of control over how much you drink or drug signals that you need professional addiction help Malibu.

Fear of withdrawal — Any person who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol knows how challenging and uncomfortable the withdrawal process can be. Fearing withdrawal often prolongs substance abuse, but help is available. In certain circumstances, withdrawal symptoms can be fatal. Even if you are determined to get clean and sober, your physical dependence on the substance may prevent you from being able to do so. It is important that you know you do not have to go through the withdrawal process on your own. The detox process is one of the primary reasons addicts enter an inpatient rehab center. Detox and addiction help Malibu treatment centers can support and encourage you during the challenging withdrawal process, increasing your chance of success in recovery.

Your life revolves around substances — For most suffering addicts, drugs and alcohol take up their entire day. Actually using, as well as finding the ways and means to get your substance, is a full-time, deadly job. If you spend your days and nights high and trying to get your next fix, you should seek help now.