Delicate and sensitive skins can be caused by genetics but you may need to look at some skincare products to ensure that they are not adding to the problem. Even if your skin is not the type classified as delicate, like everybody else, you have areas on your skin that are more delicate than other areas. Skin on your lips or under your eyes are thinner than skin elsewhere, and more prone to dryness. Therefore you would need to practice skincare for delicate skin, even if you are aiming for anti-wrinkle effects.

There are plenty of anti-wrinkle products you might be itching to try but only a few of these products guarantee good results. Your first step to protecting skin while reversing wrinkles is to use products that are guaranteed safe.

Avoid soap for skin

Soaps that remove all moisture from skin are bad for your skin. They strip away even essential moisture from skin and leave it dry and dull looking. Instead of soaps you could look at the possibility of using cleansers. Cleansers should be mild. You do not have to wash your face too frequently. Also, if your face is not too grimy, you can use homemade cleansers. Rosewater in particular is a great toner and cleanser, and leaves the skin glowing, fresh and fragrant.

Hydrate your skin

There are many methods you might use for moisturizing your skin. You may want to use an anti aging product that hydrates the skin. Some of these products contain hydrating agents. Look for a skincare product that contains hyaluronic acid. This is one of the most effective hydrating agents found naturally. It smoothens and the skin and makes it soft. Other than that, you can use home remedies that offer deep moisturization. Fresh cream, mixed with few drops of rosewater, offers great results. You may also try olive oil. Apply olive oil on your face for a few minutes and then remove it using your favorite cleanser. It helps replenish skins moisture and gives the face a glow.

Choose anti aging products with care

Most anti aging products are not very effective. They offer just one or two benefits, and some are not effective at all. Unsure of which product to use, women end up using a lot of them simultaneously, in hopes that one of them at least might work. In the end, this will only ruin your complexion as these products may contain substances that work at cross purposes with each other. That is why you will need to use a product which is safe and suitable for your skin.

Use a brand that has good reviews and is considered reliable. You may want to stick to just one product and once you’ve found a brand that works for you, make sure not to use other anti aging products at the same time. Choosing the right product means you will have to look at the ingredients list. Besides hyaluronic acid, one ingredient that effective anti wrinkle creams contain is collagen. Collagen makes up the supporting issue underlying the outermost layer of skin. Aging causes depletion in the collagen network and this leads to collapse in the skin’s supporting structure, which finally results in wrinkles. Products that contain rose essential oil will help in making skin vibrant and soft.

The last tip: Always use sunscreen when you are outdoors. Even on cloudy days, when UV rays are still reaching the earth, and your skin runs the risk of overexposure. A sunscreen of SPF 30 will keep your skin protected against UV rays. UV rays are probably the primary cause of problems such as discoloration, dryness, dullness, redness, and wrinkles. By keeping your skin adequately protected, you will be able to prevent wrinkles to a large extent.