Cooking is an art, and like other art forms, it too require various tools that makes up the final way, in the customers hand. Food processor, storage sets, serving sets, cooking utensils and tools make up a perfect workplace for any cooking, since it eradicates any overhead of external requirements at the time of preparing various food items.
The foremost type in this is knives and related accessories such as slicers, choppers, mandolin, and peelers etc- the sharp edge tools. The chef’s knives, kitchen knives and others have a different type of blade used, based on the role they have to perform in cooking. You cannot expect a teeth-edge knife to perform the tasks of a sharp edge knife with same efficiency.
Mainly, the type of blade does depends on the action which is to be performed, i.e pushing or slicing the item. In pushing items, you have to push the item to be cut, here the item is being moved and the knife remains at one place. For example, peeling apple, potatoes, cucumbers etc. In slicing, cutting action is the result of slicing the edge of the knife across the item, such as cutting vegetables, or meat etc.
Straight edge/Plain edge knife: Generally used to cut ingredients such as vegetables or chopping wood, the sharp edge is designed to cut almost anything virtually. These pointed knives are best used for push actions. Precision and control, are the results that are expected while using a plain knife. In this, a razor-polished edge is preferred to keep the knife sharp for longer time, and for a cleaner cut. Mostly these are the vassa Keramisk knivar.
Serrated Edge Knife: The blades having teeth’s or a zig-zag pattern at the cutting edge is called as serrated knife. This blade type is less precise and is ideal for slicing actions such as cutting fibrous items like tomatoes, breads, strappings. It grabs to the surface, thus making cuttings faster and easy. For faster cutting on softer items without squishing it, use a serrated edge knife. Kyocera Allknivar is a popular type of serrated edge knives used generally.
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Partially Serrated (Combo Edge) Knife: These knives are gaining more popularity than conventional plain edge or serrated edge knives. Combination of both, this knife has different sections of plain and serrated blades. This enables slicing and pushing cut items in a single tool. The plain edge is placed at the top of the blade and serrated edge at the bottom, near the handle. This also tends to be a dangerous things, since the serrated edge is exactly at the hand end which can prove to be dangerous for extensive cutting. Also, the sharpening becomes difficult in these type of knife.