Carrying case: Drones do not come cheap and you have to pay substantial amount of money to buy one. You can use it for entertainment or you can use it professionally, in both the cases, you need to maintain it properly. You need the carrying case to neatly pack it and put it in a safe place, when it is not being used. Good cases include foam-like padding for extra safety and there is enough space to store the camera and other accessories. Buying extra landing gears is a good option and it will help the drone land better in uneven areas.
Memory Chips: The main purpose of camera drones is to click pictures and record HD videos. But for this, you need a sufficient storage space. Micro SD cards are included in the package but sometimes that is not enough, you need a few more of those to capture every moment. Your collection should contain some higher GB cards mainly for the videos and some lower-GB ones for still pictures.
Lighting Choices: Flying the drone outdoors during night time can be a difficult task. Video footage can’t be captured as there is no light and you can find it very hard to control the device. So your drone must have LED lights to allow flying at night. There are two types of lights available, from which you can make a choice.Lighting Choices
a. Spotlights: They are helpful for recording purposes at night. This light comes into play after the daylight has faded and you require a clear vision. It is mounted over the camera and as the drone flies, there is adequate light available.
b. Landing Lights: Some landing lights can be attached to the landing gear. In order to attach them in the right way, you have to use adhesives or bolts. These lights add to the aesthetic value and your drone looks beautiful at night.
Best Drones Under 200 Dollars
It is difficult to find accessories for lower-priced models while medium and expensive models have dedicated accessories. These fun accessories can spice up your flying experience and increase your enjoyment manifold. You can also add various performance gears and cool decal kits.