Hunting using a bow and arrow is a lot more complex and requires a lot more skill than hunting with guns. Apart from knowing how to properly use a bow and arrow to take down a target, you will need to know how to choose the right kind of bow. Today, there are so many different types of hunting bows available such as a compound bow and ten point crossbows, single cam compound bow, twin cam, hybrid cam, and the list goes on. What you need to know is what you are going to be using the bow for and which one is the right one for you.
The first thing to choose while choosing a bow is the hand. You can find right hand hunting bows and left hand hunting bows. If you are right handed then you will use your left hand to hold the bow and your right hand to aim and shoot the arrow.
Next, choose the length of the compound bow. This is very important as the length will determine your accuracy. If the bow is too long for you then you won’t be able to handle it well and will miss your target. Ask the salesperson at the store to help you choose a length and the weight as well as they are experienced with it.

Now while looking for bows for your hunting purposes, make sure you only consider a compound bow or a crossbow. The reason for this is that a compound bow has a power cam which makes it easier to pull the bowstring while giving a good amount of force. If you are a beginner then consider getting a single cam compound bow as it is easier to handle and make adjustments on. Anything else will confuse you and make it harder to get your target so don’t be too adventurous. If you’ve been using bows for a long time, think about switching to a twin cam which has higher accuracy and power.
If you’re planning to go crossbow hunting then you won’t need much advice. It is easier to get the hand of a crossbow and the sales person at the store will help you get the right crossbow for your size. However, you need to know how to cock the bow properly to avoid the shot from going off the kilter. Crossbow hunting is easier since you don’t have to go close to the target. They are powerful and can be shot from a great distance, very unlike compound bows. The difference between a crossbow and a compound bow is the speed at which they shoot. A crossbow is obviously more powerful and this is why many hunters prefer crossbow hunting.
Whether you’re choosing a crossbow or a compound bow, it all comes down to personal choice. If you feel that the bow is comfortable in your hand then that’s the one to buy.