If you actually surf, and not just don surfer’s clothes, you may have a wetsuit. A wetsuit is great especially if you are a competitive surfer. It makes your movements faster and smoother. Rinse right after leaving the ocean.

Get under a shower as soon as you can, after a surfing session. Rinse as much of the salty ocean as you can.

Rinse more thoroughly at home.

Give your wetsuit a second round of rinse. The wetsuit could be the most fussy to clean among all your surf clothing. You can do the rinsing under your shower or outside the house, using a hose. Scrub off all salt water that you can possibly remove.

Use a sort of wet suit shampoo.

If, no matter what you do, there are still some strong salty smells that linger on your suit, you may need the help of a special shampoo. Work the shampoo all over your wet suit. Make sure that you apply shampoo on every nook and cranny. Again, rinse thoroughly. Notice that the act of cleaning a wet suit can require a lot of energy. Consider this as additional surf-related exercise.

Squeeze out excess water.

Make sure that you are able to remove all excess water after the wash. Not doing so may make the drying process a whole lot slower. If you do not have the time and patience for this, you may use quick dry suits.

Do not use a machine to wash your suit.

Though it can be tiring, never put your wet suit inside a washer and dryer. The machine will tear up your surf clothing mainstay.

Take good care of your wet suit.

Do you know that to properly care for your surfing wet suit, you need to follow some specific rules? You cannot crumple the suit into a tight ball and just leave it anywhere. You cannot expose it under the sun for long periods, to avoid getting it too dry. Get this: you cannot even pee in your suit.

Your wet suit sounds a lot more delicate that your other surfing gear. Still, this surfing staple is able to provide you with the capability to stretch and move more while performing some of your best moves. In this sense, the suit is quite tough.

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