Preparing Kratom in pill form is one of the easiest, effective, palatable, cost-effective, and safest methods of making Kratom. In fact, I think if more people had access to empty capsules, and one of the many cheap encapsulation holders, this would easily be the most popular method of use. But for anyone in disagreement, or interested in the subtleties of this experience, I will outline its benefits and drawbacks.
To begin, as mentioned in a previous post concerning the popular tea preparation, Kratom does not lend itself to simple extraction; meaning, making Kratom tea is about as useful as smoking a Carrot to get a dose of beta-carotene—it doesn’t work. The thing is, the only way to extract the more than 25 alkaloids in Kratom is to ingest the plant material itself; which, when powdered, resembles the consistency of sand, and doesn’t taste much better either. The point is, there is no getting around imbibing the actual material, as in the soy milk preparation; however, capping Kratom is a great method for the many people who find the task impossible.
Secondly, I find capping Kratom a safe alternative that can better safeguard one against habitual use. Unlike the soy milk preparation, that hits immediately, capping has an onset that takes about 20 minutes to set in—somewhat discouraging habitual overindulgence. Further, capping is an easy way to easily visualize, compare, and track dosage. Unlike many people, who measure with the subjective calibration of a “heaping teaspoon”, capsules ensure you keep a better eye on dosage, enabling one to take control before a habit can take root.
Thirdly, and most interestingly, I have noticed that the slower release of capsules extends the peak, which is ephemeral (at best) with downing a liquid concoction. Again, this helps to get a better experience, but also makes this preparation a bit more cost-effective, even factoring in the cost of empty capsules. There have been times that the peak of the experience has been extended an hour beyond the typical three hour mark, as unlikely as it may sound. On an empty stomach, capsules are much more effective than any other preparation method, even considering the preferred soy milk prep. However, the only stipulation is that on a a slightly full stomach, the slower release of capsules will be too slow and sustained to be worth the effort.

True, capsules are not the most convenient concerning prep time, but they are easily transported, work great, palatable, safe, and far far cheaper than the ridiculously priced extracts. And, if anyone is wondering if the encapsulation supplies are expensive, they’re not. This is common gear among bodybuilders, and can easily found on supplement or bodybuilding websites.