Eyeglasses have come a long way ever since they were first made in the 13th century. Now there are corrective eyeglasses such as bioptics, bi-focal, multi-focal, and progressive eyeglasses as well as safety eyeglasses, 3D eyeglasses, and sunglasses. Then there are RX-eyeglasses, which have frames that can accommodate prescription lenses.
If you are looking for the perfect pair of men’s eyeglasses, here are some tips to help you.

1. Go through fashion magazines regularly. It will help you to find out the latest fashion eyewear trends. Keeping these trends in mind, you can choose models which suit your taste and budget.
2. RX glasses should be selected according to the shape of your face. Do you have a round face? A rectangular or square frame would look wonderful. On the other hand, if you have a square face, a round or oval frame would be perfect for you. But if you have an oval face, any shape would look good.
3. Finding the right shape will not matter if you pick the wrong size. The size of the eyeglass frames should be proportional to the width of your face. If you have a large face with prominent features; big glasses will suit you perfectly. But if you have a small face and delicate features, a large eyeglass would make your features look even more delicate. So you should go for narrow frames.
4. After you have picked a frame of the right shape and size, check whether it fits you well. A good frame should not be tight at the bridge of your nose or so loose that it slides off the bridge. It should be comfortable at your temples. A badly fitting frame could cause severe and recurring headache. Use of a lightweight frame will help reduce strain on the nose.
5. A good frame should not just fit well, it should also be strong. Especially as men tend to be rough with delicate items. Progressive eyeglasses with titanium and stainless steel frames are perfect. Titanium could be an expensive option, but it works out in the long run as it is strong and durable. Many designer eyeglasses also come with plastic frames to suit your preferences.
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6. Men’s eyeglasses come in semi-rimmed, full-rimmed, and rimless frames. Choose a style that suits your personality the best.
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