Spring gives homeowners the perfect excuse to spruce up their homes with a touch of DIY. Although the potential pitfalls of DIY have been highlighted by a number of TV property programmes, for those who want to give their home a makeover on a budget, DIY projects are the only realistic option. Below are five ‘fail-safe’ DIY tips that are sure to earn you a reputation as the best have-a-go builder in town.

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1. Keep jobs small
It’s best to leave structural changes to your home to the professionals, but there is no reason why you can’t tackle smaller jobs, such as painting hallways and rooms, yourself. Laying down laminate flooring can be relatively easy, as is putting up new shelving and putting together flat-pack furniture.
2. Get professional advice for free
Visit your local DIY store and grill employees on the best way to put up a shower rail or replace skirting. They are normally more than willing to impart their years of wisdom to customers and may be able to point out the most suitable products and tools for your renovation job.
3. Stay safe
Just because you are completing a building job in the comfort of your own home, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to observe the same health and safety rules as on a construction site. Wear protective clothing such as a hard hat, dust mask, overalls and get a full understanding of how to use safety features on tools before you use them.

4. Do one job at a time
If you’ve watched one too many episodes of Grand Designs, you may have developed unrealistic expectations of what you can achieve in a day…..let alone in one hour. Make a list of DIY jobs that you need to complete around the house and tick them off as you go. Dedicate a full day to each task, such as painting bathroom tiles, and don’t overload yourself.
5. Don’t forget the outside
When completing DIY jobs, so many homeowners neglect the exterior of their houses. Laying a deck in the garden or adding some gravel to your driveway will help to give the outside of your house a new lease of life.